The Monica Ashton Jazz Band CD

The Monica Ashton Jazz Band CD can be bought on the Internet in several locations as single downloads, or as an album. It is being sold on iTunes (go to the iTunes Store, Music, and search for Monica Ashton Jazz Band. The CD should come up. All 12 songs are under Songs). You can also get it at Amazon Prime, Napster, and a few other sites apparently pop up when you do a Google search for Monica Ashton Jazz Band! I apparently now have a YouTube Channel as well with just the CD selections on there. Click on the links below to find them.

The CD was recorded at the famous Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, California in December 2006, Leslie Ann Jones lead sound engineer. It was mixed at Skywalker, then mastered at Capitol Records in Los Angeles in May 2007 by Ron McMaster. Artwork by Pat Creedon Designs, CD production by CDS, Los Angeles. Released October 2007.

You can buy the CD in MP3 format here...and of course leave a glowing review. :)

Amazon Prime

I am hoping to upgrade my website one of these days, and will make it easy to purchase the CD on here as well. :)