Michaelmas Term 

As a lot of you know, I am over here in Europe this year, taking a “Senior Sabbatical.”

Thankfully, things seem to have fallen into place beautifully since I got here to Oxford in the end of July. I have sent out a few blog posts about my first impressions here. But I haven't sent out a blog post in a while. So, I figured an update was due.

In August, I was a little freer with my time, but I did start to write the Greek Orthodox Liturgy (which is mostly why I came to Oxford), almost daily, at a local…

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Wordpress site has been disabled 

Dear Fans of my music,

I recently found out that my sister was hacked, and she is a subscriber to my Blog on Word Press. Then yesterday, my LinkedIn account was hacked, and someone actually took out money from my bank account using information on my LinkedIn account page!

So..I have decided to let go of the word press site as a precaution.

So far, I have only posted 2 blog entries this year on my “sabbatical” overseas. The first one was put up initially on word press, but I added it here as well. I posted…

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Second Post from England 

August 17

It’s a beautiful day here. I’m still getting used to the Fahrenheit/Celsius exchange, but for my “American” friends, it’s about 70 degrees at the moment here...which is about 16 degrees Celsius. We have had some recent dreary, rainy days that are not usual for this time of year, apparently. But luckily, it is warming up, and less rainy, and they are forecasting a beautiful week ahead. They are even calling it a “heatwave!”, which is kind of funny to me...being used to 90 degrees as the “norm”…

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Monica Ashton Blog 

I have changed the name of my blog again...this time to “Monica Ashton Blog”. That way, I won’t hopefully have to change it again (ha, ha!). Enjoy! I will be posting on here from time to time, and also sharing the link to LinkedIn as well when I post something. www.monicaashtonblog.wordpress.com. Enjoy!


I’ve also attached it here on the website directly for those of you who don’t want to go to the wordpress site:


First Impressions August 2, 2019Monica Ashton

The Forks Are Different!

My first blog…

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Blog continues after my Europe Trip 

Just an FYI that you can still see my Europe Trip 2018 Blog on my WordPress site, but I am continuing to blog after the trip, so the most recent blog post will appear if you click on the link. www.monicaashtonblog.wordpress.com. The Europe Trip posts appear behind those. I might try to change this and make it a separate blog, but I can't figure that out just yet! :)