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Monica Ashton Productions: Buy

The Monica Ashton Jazz Band CD - CD

This CD can be bought on the Internet in several locations. You can buy the physical CD directly on (see instructions below). It is also being sold as downloads at, and, to name a few. Just do a search on any of those sites for my name and you should find it (if not, please let me know!). The CD was recorded at the famous Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, California in December 2006. It was mastered at Capitol Records in Los Angeles in May 2007. Artwork by Pat Creedon, CD production by CDS, Los Angeles. Released October 2007.

I will personally send you the CD if you use PayPal

Please use my email address to send $10.00 plus $2.50 domestic/$5.00 overseas for shipping and handling to this account, which is Please remember to include your name and full address if you want it shipped to you. Thank you!

You can buy the CD in MP3 format here...and of course leave a glowing review. :)

Do a search for my name. You should find it...

My brother-in-law told me I'm on here..