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Monica Ashton Productions: Photos

This is the Technical Building at Skywalker Ranch, where we recorded our debut CD
Mike Dacayanan, our loyal sound guy
Setting up at SoHo
How's the sound, Monica???
Melissa Hatef and crew helped out at the CD Table
Close up and personal??
Randall Willis...sax man extraordinaire
Cool angle shot at SoHo
Forty & Sporty at SoHo
Patrick wailin' on those congas!!!
SoHo Sillhouette
Randall, Rhoyal, Mike, Monica, Rob, Brad, Patrick
The Rhoyal Dugout
Our stage at E4
Patrick's impersonation of Mick Jagger
Reggie Carson, Me and Patrick Fleming
Part of our Booth at E4
Oy veh...not another CD Raffle??!!
Andy Fukuba and Gil Mark
Full Band at SoHo