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Monica Ashton Productions: News

New Blog - July 7, 2012

Follow Monica's new blog:

She will be giving updates, photos and more of her upcoming European Promo Tour and beyond!

Check it out!

PayPal Link - July 7, 2012


Hello MAJB Fans, You can now purchase the Monica Ashton Jazz CD directly via PayPal. 

Go to the website, and use Monica's email address to send money:

It's $10.00 US Dollars for the CD (no S&H for US sales). Add $8.00 US Dollars for international sales (sorry, but it costs me that every time I send one to Europe :).

You can also go to the "Buy" portion of this website, look for the PayPal Acct. for Monica Ashton and follow the instructions there as well.


Downloads can be purchased at



Heading to Europe! - July 7, 2012

Huge news...we've gotten into a club in London on July 26, 2012! I will be playing Solo Piano at Jazz After Dark in this SoHo club, the night before the Summer Olympics begin!!!
Apparently, Amy Winehouse used to play here a lot...

I'm hoping to promote the full Band for a European Tour in 2013!!!

We will be taping the gig and turning it into a DVD if it turns out well enough!

Look for an update after the London Gig on the Euro Tour for MAJB!!!

Europe, HERE WE COME!!!

CD Selling at Amoeba Records in Hollywood - October 23, 2009

The Monica Ashton Jazz Band CD is now being sold at Amoeba Records in Hollywood. If you're ever in that neighborhood, please stop by and pick up a few CDs. It's selling for $9.98 in the Jazz Section, under "Miscellaneous" under Ashton. Pretty cool, huh!

CD now being sold at Canterbury Music Store, Pasadena, CA - November 19, 2008

Check it out...the Monica Ashton Jazz Band CD is now being sold at Canterbury Record Co. in Pasadena, CA, located at 805 E. Colorado Boulevard. Canterbury is an old establishment in Pasadena...a regular icon. Look for a poster in the window for the CD!!! Thank you, Canterbury!!!

Santa Barbara Gig Video - November 19, 2008

Live Performance of the Monica Ashton Jazz Band at SoHo Club in Santa Barbara Oct. 13, 2008 on YouTube! Check it out!

We're on ITunes!!! - December 19, 2007

Very exciting news! The CD is up on ITunes! Here's the link:
You can also just go to and type in my name at the Search prompt. My songs come up individually there, but if you click on one of them, it brings you to my page. You can buy it as an album for $9.99, or individually for $.99 (except for Carribean Festival, since that song is 12 minutes long!). There is also a place where you can write a glowing review (hm, hm!).

E4 Video up on YouTube and MySpace - December 3, 2007

A video clip from Monica Ashton Jazz Band's recent live performance at the E4 Convention in Los Angeles (at the LA Convention Center) is up on YouTube and Myspace now. You can check them out: (under Videos)

IT'S HERE!!!!! - October 5, 2007

Well, as promised, CDS delivered. The CD was ready on October 3rd, as projected. Thanks go to Colin Bogart at CDS for all his help with this!

The CD's will be for sale on CDBaby shortly. You can purchase them soon there. In the meantime, if you want a CD, please sign the Guestbook here, leave your name and email address and I'll contact you directly re payment, where to ship, etc. Hope you all like the CD!!! up - September 4, 2007

As of September 1, 2007, Monica Ashton Productions is in business!!! Check out Upcoming news on the Monica Ashton Jazz Band and other composition and production projects by Monica will be listed. There are a few MP3's there as well...enjoy!!! (P.S. Bios of the band members are on the way!!!)

Debut CD about to Launch!!!! - September 4, 2007

The Monica Ashton Jazz Band CD is about to hatch! CDS, the production co. based in LA, is currently setting it to print. The artwork by Pat Creedon is finished. (Looks FABulous!!) Projected release date is in the end of September. CD's will be available here on CDBaby for sale. More details to follow.

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