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Monica Ashton Productions: List of Works

Works List

1972  Theme from The Chosen (piano)

1973  Fantasia in F (Piano and Flute)

1979  Carribean Festival (piano and jazz ensemble)

1980  Stopping By Woods for Soprano and Piano

1980  Violin Concerto (1st Movement)

1981  Opus Fopus No. 1 (piano)

1983  Mass (SATB and Organ)

1984  Chamber Trio Waltz (Violin, clarinet, harpsichord)

1984  Find Another Girl (vocal and piano)

(Legal career began)

1999  Forty & Sporty (jazz ensemble)

2000  Greek Orthodox Liturgy (SATB and Organ, TB Completed)

2001  Thanksgiving '01 (piano)

2005  Toora (piano)

2005  For Bri (jazz ensemble)

2006  Melancolia (piano)

2007  Produced Monica Ashton Jazz Band CD

2008  Pain (ContraBass Flute and Chamber Ensemble)

2009  Lenny (piano)

2009  Did I Tell You (vocal and piano, collaboration with Donna Abels)

2010  Banjos & Bugles Demo (11 Musical Theatre Songs with vocals and arrangements written on Logic, Lyrics by David Secter)


Compositions by Monica Ashton - List of Works