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Monica Ashton Productions: List of Works


Monica Ashton
List of Works by Genre

Piano Music

Theme from The Chosen 1972:

I wrote this piece when I was 11 after reading Chaim Potok’s book, The Chosen. The Theme was sold to a “back lot” Studio for $50.00. Not bad for an 11-year-old, eh?

Opus Fopus No. 1  1981:

Wrote this as a “take-off” on classical music, right after I graduated with a classical music degree.

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Anekatomena 1999:

I was asked to write something for a showcase at a Greek church in New Rochelle, NY for the Millennium. I took old church chants and made them into a piano instrumental medley.

Thanksgiving ’01 2001

Wrote this the night before I did an internet broadcast the Thanksgiving right after 9/11. I had lived through it in NYC. Listen for the 4 stages of grief, shock, anger, acceptance, and letting go.

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Toora2 2005

My Mom had a beautiful coloratura soprano voice. Used to sing this Irish Lullaby to us. Toora2 is named thus because Toora1 wasn’t very good. 🙂

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Melancholia 2006

I wrote this for my stepson Danny who went through a tough depression as a teenager.

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Lenny 2009

Lenny was a cat I had while living in Northern California. Great personality.


Fantasia in F (Piano and Flute) 1972

Wrote this when I was 11 during band camp. A flutist became a friend, so I wrote something for her.

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Caribbean Festival (jazz ensemble) 1979

This was the band’s “signature” piece in the Bay Area. Everyone always loved it. I wrote it right after graduating from college. Was too poor to get to the Caribbean at the time.

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Edmond’s Lament (jazz ensemble) 1990

Wrote this after a bad break up with a fellow named Edmond!

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Monica Ashton - List of Works by Genre

Ending Credits (jazz ensemble) 1994

I was asked to write the music for a student film a friend was doing for her film class when I lived on Staten Island. This was the Ending Credits music. She got an A+!

Link to Youtube video

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Forty & Sporty (jazz ensemble) 1999

My first husband took me to a fancy French restaurant for my 40th birthday. He brought a candle for my cake that had “Forty and Sporty” written on it. Inspiration is a crazy thing.

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Summertime (Gershwin, Arr. Ashton for jazz ensemble) 2004

This is my favorite song of all time. Was a dream come true to get this on the CD we did at Skywalker.

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For Bri (jazz ensemble) 2005

Wrote this for my ex. Pretty complicated song… guess that’s all I need to say!

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Staten Island Ferry Blues (jazz ensemble) 2010

I had the “hook” for this song in my head for years. Finally was able to put something together with it when I was living in LA years later.

Doin’ The Dewey (jazz ensemble) 2018

Most recent song about living in Northern Arizona out in the sticks. Looking forward to performing this live with my band. I dedicated this to the "Unitoons," the Unity of Prescott Choir I have accompanied. Wonderful group of folks. 

(There is a pdf for sale coming soon of this on my "Buy" page here)


Stopping By Woods for Soprano and Piano 1980

I wrote this my senior year of college. It was part of an assignment for my composition class. Put music to Robert Frost’s famous poem. It was premiered in NY at St. Bartholomew’s in 1989 by Peter Graham, bass-baritone.

1980 Violin Concerto (1st Movement)

One of my roommates was a wonderful violinist, Juliana. I wrote this for her, but apparently it was pretty impossible to play. Would love to edit the 1st Movement so it is playable, and finish the Concerto someday.


Selections from Mass (SATB and Organ) 1985

One of my best friends, Pat, got married in 1985. I offered to write the music for her wedding. Found four wonderful soloists and an organist for the wedding who did a great job with it.

Selections from Greek Orthodox Liturgy (SATB and Organ) 2000 to present

I have been trying to complete a Greek Orthodox Liturgy for many years now. Hope to finish it soon.

Chamber Ensemble Works

Chamber Trio Waltz (Violin, clarinet, harpsichord) 1984

Wrote this for my sister’s wedding in Ohio. She had a lovely garden wedding. Friends of her husband performed the piece.

Pain (ContraBass Flute, Flute, Alto Sax, Baritone Sax, String Quartet, Piano )

Was commissioned to write this piece for a ContraBass flute player from Melbourne, Australia. People have told me it sounds like Philip Glass. Kind of an odd ensemble mix, but it was fun to put it all together. Hope to get it performed someday live. We almost got it into the Fringe Festival in Melbourne. Hoping for something a little closer if possible!

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Two Magnoliae (Baritone Sax, Oboe, Piano) 2011

This was a commissioned piece for a friend who was looking for “serious” baritone saxophone pieces. Not sure it’s serious, but I was inspired to write this while being stuck in traffic in LA on the 101. Sadly, there were only 2 magnolia blossoms on a tree off the freeway. They inspired me to write this. It was premiered in 2016 at West Point Military Academy’s Jazz Forum concert.

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Find Another Girl (vocal and piano) 1984

I wrote a lot of pop songs in the 80’s. I was in my 20s then. This one was inspired by a fellow who was looking for something I wasn’t.

Ray’s Song (vocal and piano) 1986

Wrote this for a guy I was dating from Queens named Ray.

I’ve Got To Understand (vocal and piano) 1986

Another relationship gone awry.

Tell Me (vocal and piano) 1987

I was starting to delve into some Gospel music at this time.

Amazing Grace/Let It Be (Arr. Ashton) 2010

Love both of these songs, and always thought it would be fun to see if they could be put together somehow. Wrote this arrangement while I lived in LA. I hope to arrange this for choir one of these days.

Musical Theatre

Selections from Banjos & Bugles 2010

In 2010, I was commissioned by David Sector to write the music for his play, Banjos and Bugles, about what life was like in NYC after the Civil War. My task was to take old Civil War tunes and “upgrade” them. (We did this years before Hamilton was around.) We produced a demo

Monica Ashton - List of Works (continued)

Jubilo (Kingdom Coming)

This song is usually done with white folks on banjos. I turned it into a pretty funky mix. Featuring Patrick Fleming on vocals and percussion.

When This Cruel War Is Over

Featuring Karen Hart on vocals. ).

The Panting Slave (Underground Railcar)

This was a straightforward ballad originally. I gave it a driving rhythm and Patrick was amazing on the vocals.

Link to Youtube video

Film Music

The Color Within 1994

I was asked to write the music for this student film. Best thing that came out of this was an amazing choreographed dance of Fantasia in F, and Ending Credits.

The Quake 2010

Everyone, including me, was devastated by the Haiti Quake of 2010. I commissioned an amazing violinist to help me with this, Chris Howes. . He is featured on here. The piece basically goes through the stages of a slight rumble, to the quake at its worst, with some aftershocks and finally fades away.

Dance Music

Techno End of the World Party Music (Web Series) 2010

This was for a web series trailer produced by Jacqie Bowe, a comedian and film director in LA about the end of the world.

Christmas Music

Today Is Christmas (vocal and piano) 1982

I was a pretty angsty 20 something in the 80’s. Wrote this after a depressing Christmas with family.

A Glassy Christmas (synthesizers, piano) 2008

An old friend from childhood put together a website for travelers to NY at Christmastime and asked me to write some “underlying” music for the website. This is really a “loop” that I added a lot of “synth” sounds to, all Christmas tunes, if you can recognize them. Mixed by Randall Willis in LA.

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Monica Ashton - List of Works (p. 3) (Mar 10, 2019)