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Monica Ashton Productions: Links

Armageddon Potluck

This was a trailer for web series produced by Jacqie Bowe, a Los Angeles Actress/Comedian. She asked me to do the music for this. Hilarious stuff! We did use some Handel in the beginning and the end with the "snobs" scenes, but everything else was original. Enjoy!

Edmond's Lament Live

This video was done at the club SoHo in Santa Barbara in October 2008.

Thanksgiving '01 Live in London

This was a solo gig I did in SoHo in July 2012 in London, England! 

Indiegogo Campaign Video for THE Festival

This was done July 2013 for THE Festival's first Indiegogo Campaign.
These guys have been promoting Fantasia in F and Melancolia around the world for me! Check it out. Nice site...
Christmastime in NYC
Frances Page's website for helpful hints and great ideas for a quiet, peaceful and funfilled experience around the Holidays in NYC :)

This is Siggi Jung's website. Amazing folk singer/songwriter. Check her out!!