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Welcome to my Production Co. site. My name is Monica Ashton and I am a music producer, in addition to being a composer, arranger, church organist, choir director, piano teacher and pianist. Originally from New York, I've also lived in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and currently reside in Northern Arizona. I am currently updating this website to focus more on my production skills. I put together a CD back in 2007 of my jazz band in the Bay Area. The CD was recorded at Skywalker Sound, mixed there, mastered at Capitol Records in LA, and marketed wordwide.  It is currently selling the most in Europe and South America.  That experience made me realize that I really am a good producer, so I started to help other people with their music production needs beginning in 2008 in Los Angeles. As of 2014, I am now working with folks from all over the world as a producer and enjoying it immensely! I've included a biography here which lists some of the things I've done as a producer, composer, arranger and pianist.  Also, I've included a list of my more "serious" compositions which I hope to have up on here soon in sellable form for school bands/orchestras, chamber ensembles and vocalists. In the meantime, I currently have the Monica Ashton Jazz Band CD for sale here via PayPal (you can purchase by clicking on our "Buy" link), and I can also be found on ITunes, Rhapsody, Amazon and other online sites where you can purchase downloads from the jazz CD. Just do a search for my name on any of those sites and I should pop up.

I hope you will consider me for your next project's music production needs. I have clients all over the world, thanks to the internet and skype. I love to work with people, so if you need me to travel somewhere to do a project, I'm luckily in a position to do so, i.e. Music Librarian for orchestras, Music Festival productions, recording sessions producer/manager, production writer/editor for large projects, etc. (I am published as a writer.) I also do work locally. I have a home studio in Prescott, AZ which is great for recording small projects. I use an A-90 Roland Workstation, IMac desktop, Logic and a Motu Traveler for audio and MIDI recordings. So, if you're near or far, I can handle whatever you need!!

Thanks for visiting my site, and I hope you'll join my e-list by clicking on the link. I periodically send out news and updated information on me and my business.


Monica Ashton, President

Monica Ashton Productions, LLC

213-613-1149 (phone/text)